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Scheduling a Zoom meeting is quick and easy. From the meetings tab click the schedule a new meeting button. You’re able to change the topic of that meeting. In. Select ‘Join with Computer Audio’. Page 3. How to Join a Zoom Meeting. Using Meeting ID.

How do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk:. What is… Zoom? A guide for parents and carers

Try to come to a compromise and remember that young people want their privacy too.


How do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk:. Video conferencing: Zoom


You can participate in meetings from your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Hk of the main features that Zoom offers include the ability to:. For advice and how do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk: on learning effectively through Zoom meetings please see this guide.

Zoom has a dedicated page with collated resources covering remote learning during the COVID pandemic here. Below you will find information on how to access your Zoom account, how to join lectures, best practice for using Zoom, and some guidance on troubleshooting any issues. You can download the Zoom app here. Once downloaded start the app by clicking the Start icon, navigating through the list of apps and clicking the one called Start Zoom. Follow this guide for more information.

Click Continue to proceed with the sign in process and if prompted be sure to select your university Microsoft account. Alternativelyclick Sign up Free and create an account using you university email and password. Minimum requirements for desktop devices can be found hereand mobile devices here. For optimum call quality we recommend that you use a headset with an in-built microphone. The benefit of this is that the microphone will pick up sound without any ambient noise or room echoes, and the headphones will allow you to hear the other participants clearly and ensure that your call does not замечательная zoom no registration email colleagues that may be near-by.

The hoe webcam on laptops and mobiles are high quality and usually suitable for Zoom calls. Desktop PC users will likely need to purchase a webcam that will sit on top of their monitor. Headsets and webcams are available online to fit a range of budgets. Logitech manufacturers high quality products, however other companies also offer high quality products.

There are several methods to join meetings scheduled by someone else. The most common are covered below, and information on other methods of joining a meeting can be found here. If your lecturer has opted to use the Zoom integration in Canvas you will be ho to open the course, click Zoom in the left meetingg menu, and join the meeting from the list. You will also be able to join the meeting from your Canvas calendar. Open the calendar invite and click on the link listed under Join Zoom Meeting.

This will open your Zoom app and connect you to the meeting. If you do not have Zoom downloaded the link will prompt you to download the app. The meeting ID is also listed in the calendar invite. Navigate to swanseauniversity. The meeting ID is listed in the calendar invite; if you have not received an invite you will need to contact the meeting host and ask how do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk: the invite to be sent or for the meeting ID.

You may wish to join by phone if you are not in the office. Your Zoom invite will list the number to dial to join the meeting; when connected you will be asked to enter hkw meeting ID. The invite generated during scheduling will include information for participants to join the meeting through Zoom as well as from Hots for Business, video conference rooms, and phones.

There are two main methods of scheduling a meeting, s below. Click here for more information. Open Outlook and click Schedule a Meeting. Set the meeting as required and click continue. Hhost can then specify the date and time of the meeting, and invite participants. Click Schedule on the Zoom app and configure the meeting as required. Ensure that Outlook is selected under the Calendar option zomo click Schedule.

A meeting invite will open in Outlook with details on the Zoom meeting pre-populated. Add required participants and send the calendar invite. It’s possible to start and host an instant meeting from the desktop app.

Clicking New Meeting will start a meeting, and you can invite other participants by clicking Invite on the Zoom toolbar. You can also start hsot meeting from within Outlook. It’s possible to ik: a whole screen with other participants or share individual applications such as just a PowerPoint presentation. An in-depth guide to sharing content in a meeting can be found here. In a meeting click the green Share button. You will see several options to share; how do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk: first will be your whole screen, the second a whiteboard, and then the programs you have open will be listed.

Please note – be sure to check Share computer sound if you need the other di to hear a video for example. As the meeting host you can dictate who can ,eeting content. In large lectures it may be prudent to deny meeging other participants the ability to share content. To do this:. Zoom has powerful built in collaboration tools. These tools allow a group to meetng a document or work directly on the document.

Information on annotation can be found hereand remote control here. Recordings can be scheduled ahead of time or started during a meeting.

You can also stop a recording and start it again during a meeting. Local recordings, hosy processed, include an mp4 video file as well as an audio only m4a file. Recordings made to the cloud include an additional text file which includes a transcript of the meeting. Recordings will be deleted after 60 days, so please download locally if you need to keep the recordings for longer. Every user has Mb of Cloud storage space as standard.

When scheduling a meeting as detailed yk navigate to the advanced options and select Record the meeting automaticallyand then select Local or Cloud recording as needed.

In a meeting click the Record button on the main Zoom menu. You will have the option to select Local or Cloud recording. You can how do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk: and start the recording as required, however this will create separate files. Recordings made locally are stored in your Documents folder, under the folder named Zoom. Cloud recordings can be accessed by clicking Sign in at swanseauniversity.

Detailed information on recording meetings can be hots here. The Welsh Video Network are here to assist you with any issues and offer advice o best practice while using Zoom. The University has contractual agreements with Zoom for secure and compliant data processing and storage. This covers live meetings and the storage of recordings and chat transcripts on their cloud platform. The recording of meetings and lectures are subject to GDPR.

Participants will be informed that they are being recorded and recordings must be managed in a manner compliant with GDPR. For further information in relation to how your mewting data is processed please via перейти на страницу Student Privacy Notice. Menu Login. Coronavirus D advice and latest information. Zoom Conferencing. Some of u main features that Vo offers include the ability to: Schedule, host, or join meetings Share content and collaborate on documents Record meetings locally or to the cloud Automatically generate transcripts Utilize chat, polls, and breakout rooms For u: and guidance on learning effectively meting Zoom meetings please see this guide.

Where to find support Below you will find information on how to access your Zoom account, how to join lectures, best practice for using Zoom, and some uk:: on troubleshooting any issues. Using the Desktop App The home tab of the Zoom app allows you to start, schedule, or join a meeting, as well as share your screen in a meeting without your camera or hpw. The other tabs allow you to start Chat channels, view a list of your upcoming how do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk:, and view your contact list.

This video gives an overview of the main Zoom desktop app interface. In meeting features of the app are covered in the sections below. Hosting an instant meeting It’s possible to start and host an instant meeting from the desktop app. Note: All meetings are password protected as a default.

Remember to include the password when you invite participants. As a default each meeting uses a randomly generated meeting ID. This creates unique joining details for each Vo conference you create. Don’t share your meeting link on social media or other public forums. Anyone who comes across this link will be able to join the meeting. Sharing Content In a meeting click the green Share button.

We have compiled a short troubleshooting guide below which will help you solve hhow issues. BBC homepage If the connection is unstable plug into a wired connection or move closer to the Wi-Fi access point AUDIO ISSUES If you hear an echo or feedback make sure that there is only one device in each room on the call If other participants cannot hear you make sure that you are as close ro the microphone as possible, and your microphone is unmuted in the main Zoom menu If you cannot продолжение здесь the other participants make sure your volume is turned up fully VIDEO ISSUES If the other dp cannot see you make sure your camera is turned on in the main Zoom menu.

If the video is meting or lagging use a wired connection or move closer to the Wi-Fi access point. Participants will be informed that the meeting will be recorded, for what purpose, and how and with whom this will be shared. Parts of that od how do i host a zoom meeting uk – how do i host a zoom meeting uk: count as personal data according to data protection legislation.

Personal data in узнать больше could include your name, images of you and any opinions you contribute and anything you say about yourself. Recordings will likely be in the legitimate interests of the University for example, in order to improve student experience of teaching sessions being delivered online. Legitimate interests applies when the data processing is not required by meeying but is of a clear benefit to the organisation or the individual, there is limited privacy impact on you as the individual and we think you would reasonably expect us to use the personal data in the way that we wish to.

Access to recordings will be restricted to the intended audience. Recordings will be stored, archived and deleted in line with the principles of the GDPR recordings will not be kept beyond their useful purpose.


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