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Zoom quiz screen share.Zoom Quiz – Learn How to Create & Host a Zoom Quiz

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– How to Host a Zoom Quiz | Interact Blog

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How to run the best Zoom quiz: Tips for quizzing success


Variety is the spice of life when it comes to running a Zoom quiz. Givie players diversity in the questions to keep them engaged. Another huge advantage of virtual quiz software: the computer deals with the admin. No need to manually fiddle with a stopwatch or make tallies of the points. Depending on the software you are using, you will have different options available.

For example, in AhaSlides, Some of the settings you can alter are…. Much like with food, presentation is part of the experience.

You can change the text colour, add a background image or GIF , and choose its visibility against a base colour. Your Zoom quiz is up and ready to roll! As you head through each question in your Zoom quiz, your players answer on their phones within the time limits you set up for each question. Feel free to check out our help article if you still have questions.

Former ESL teacher and quiz master converted to the wild slide. Now a content creator, traveller, musician and big time slider preaching the good word of interactivity. Sharing your screen Okay, this is the biggie. Muting your boisterous contestants Given quizzes can get fairly competitive, players will no doubt want to confer with their chums.

Related content Features. Got an iPad or iPhone? You can easily share your screen with guests during a meeting. With any of these options, you can annotate over the screen to highlight or add extra information.

You can let your guests share their screens as well. Another great feature is the ability to record your Zoom meetings. You can choose to record the entire meeting or a specific part.

Once the meeting is concluded, Zoom saves the recording to your local computer or the cloud with a paid account. You can then access the recordings as videos or audio files. At the start of the pandemic, Zoom experienced several public security and privacy failures.

For many people, Zoom is free! The free plan works well for personal users and sole-proprietor businesses and includes many of the features that the paid plan has.

While Zoom was quite popular with solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners before the lockdown, it has taken off in The numbers continue to rise. And every single one of these situations would be made better with a Zoom quiz! Before you create a Zoom quiz, you should know what one is. The topic of your Zoom quiz is completely up to you.

Maybe you want to create a trivia quiz to use with your friends or a business quiz or survey to use with your team. You can even create an educational quiz to use with your students. The possibilities are endless! There are so many ways that you can use a Zoom quiz. The below three ways are my favorites! You can use a Zoom quiz for business, for educational purposes, and for social settings. Businesses often need input from their employees and their customers, and quizzes built with Interact make this simple.

You simply send your stakeholders the link to the quiz, and they take it. You could also send emails to get clarification, but that can be very time-consuming. A Zoom quiz eliminates all of that extra follow-up time. You can invite your group to a Zoom, administer the quiz inside Zoom, and discuss the answers right there.

Using breakout rooms, you can even run multiple groups at the same time to provide a more intimate experience for attendees. Instead, you could create a quiz covering the new product releases. If you have prototypes, use quiz questions with images and have attendees choose which ones they prefer.

Since your employees all have different roles within the company, you might put them into breakout sessions by department to discuss things as a group. You can even have the team leader record the breakout session if you want more insight. You could choose to create individual quizzes for each group or use conditional logic to show different questions to different groups.

Another Zoom quiz option for businesses is a focus group. These groups are an excellent way to gather data about what people think of your company. There could be a focus group for satisfied customers or potential customers. You might even choose to have a focus group of unsatisfied customers to find out what went wrong.

While constructive criticism can be an excellent source for improvement, too many of those sessions can make a business owner really sad. No matter who you invite to your Zoom focus group, you can create a Zoom quiz to use a general outline for the discussion. So, you can switch to Spotify and play those tracks from a pre-assembled playlist, knowing that those doing the quiz aren’t looking at your screen, they’re looking at your presentation still.

If you don’t want to do that you can always just play the music from another device, like your phone, straight into the mic on your computer. The downside of doing this is that you’ll be relying on your mic and that means the quality isn’t always going to be so good.

Zoom has a “share computer sound” option. This is really designed so that if you’re sharing music or video, it comes straight from your computer rather than from your microphone.

If you want to integrate this into your own quiz it’s easy enough to do. If you have audio or video embedded into your presentation, then you can do this:. That will share the music straight from your presentation to the viewers and sound a lot better than using your microphone.

Remember to hide the icon for the music when presenting, so it looks nice and clean. This also works for video too, which you can embed, play and share – and there’s an additional check box to optimise video for sharing. While this is happening, your own mic is still on, so you can still talk, if you need to. Once you’ve finished with the music round, you can return to normal screen sharing.

Zoom lets you change these audio options during a call, if you want to enable and disable computer sound during the quiz. However, different computer setups work in different ways, and some external speakers might stop playing the audio, meaning you can’t hear the music. Some might have the option to monitor audio separately – for example through a set of headphones connected to their microphone – but definitely test whether this works on your computer before you attempt to do it in a live quiz.

There’s a third option which is to share audio only. This means you’re not sharing your screen – so you effectively put your presentation to one side for the music round. Because you’re not sharing your screen, you can switch to your music source like the Spotify app for example , and play through your playlist.

This is a simple option to use because you know you’re not going to reveal the music source and you don’t have to embed it as part of your presentation. As above, most people will probably find this works fine, but in some computer setups the speakers might stop playing so you can’t hear the music.

Again, test before you do this live. If you are switching to a different sharing style for music, remember to return to your presentation once you’ve finished the music!

It’s easy to have your answers on slides so you can quickly run through and have people mark their own sheets.


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Run a Quiz on Zoom – Airtable Universe

After taking part in a number of zoom quizzes. for the appropriate round and share your screen to show easily share the answers with all participants. The quizmaster then uses the Zoom feature to share their screen and show the quiz questions. Contestants answer trivia questions on a whiteboard, on paper. A pop-up window opens where you can type in a “title”, and your question with answer choices that the students can choose from. 8. Options are to only allow.

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